Making of "The Collapse: Space Supremacy" game

In the first post I would like to give you a quick rundown on the 5 month of making the Collapse: Space Supremacy.


I started in June 2017. The whole process took abount 5-6 month. The coding took about 60-70% of that time. The rest was:
-physics, particles, skinning,
-promo: screenshots, videos,
-making accounts on promo media (youtube etc),
-making accounts on app stores.


Of course knowledge of Java is a must. No frameworks or special libs are required though. Just simple old Java - also no fancy things from Java 8.
As for the LibGDX, no special expertise is required. I started after 2 weeks of learning it (before that I hadn't even known about LibGDX). All my knowledge comes mainly from a book "Learning LibGDX Game Development" by Suryakumar Balakrishnan Nair and Andreas Oehlke. It's not perfect but it's a good start. Also of course a lot of the Internet.
I didn't use any special libs except for postprocessing by Bitfire. It actually cause more problems than was of a benefit.


The most obstacles were caused by Box2d and my lack of knowledge of it. It was really hard to compose world units with screen units. Also adding admob service was like a nightmare.


I used Eclipse Luna and gdx-setup.jar installer. Then I imported everything using Grandle import. The above mentioned book has good tutorial on installing, but I would lie if I said that everything went just as it was described.


LibGdx is a good library. No one has said it was perfect and it isn't. It doesn't have steep learning curve. My biggest charge against libgdx is the memory management. It is not very forgiving when it comes to releasing resources.

I hope this short text can help someone choose the LibGDX as his/her first game library.

Feel free to test my game.

Also check out how gameplay looks like

Current info on the game can be always found at

Google Play

Amazon Store



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